Published again!

Good news! I have in my hot little hands the latest copy of the Yellow Medicine Review. It doesn’t look like the one in the picture, because it is the upcoming Fall issue which hasn’t hit the shelves yet.

This time around, it is focusing on showcasing same-gender-loving, multiple-gender-loving, and transgender Indigenous authors. One of my short stories, The Subtle Profession, made the grade. Hurrah!

And on a very related subject, I’ve tossed my entry into the ring for the Search Term Challenge. I can’t really say anything more about that really. Public judging will occur after the closing date; Oct 14th. It’s not until after that you’ll find out which of them was my entry.

This is related because The Subtle Profession was one of my two entries in the last Search Term Challenge. With a little polishing, it is now getting an entirely new and possibly wider entry and is wings around in its print format.

Cassie tells me that this will be her and Merrilee’s last Search Term Challenge … we shall see. Oh, yes we shall …


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