Free stuff is always good stuff, and this is something I came across last week while trawling through my favorite news site. Sintel is a free, 15 minute animated short about a girl and her dragon. The production values are rather high, rivaling anything from the big studios, despite being independent. And best of all, the whole thing is made in an open source animation engine.

Hopefully that means that there is more good things to come. Heck knows we should be supporting independent film in any way we can, rather than the mess that Hollywood is. And open source animation engines is a great boost.

The short film itself is pretty stuff. I have a decent hatred of CG based animation, probably because of the dearth of shiny, kiddy films that have come out in the genre, but I like Sintel well enough. The plot itself is a hint on the cliched side, but does a good job of showing off the technology.

Check the short film here, and if your interested, head on over to the projects homepage as well.

And Previously, on Letters … Check out this free animation, also CG but on the steampunk side of things.


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