I continue to do a piss poor job of keeping up with blog posting. In my inbox I’ve kept a copy of an email I got through from Kiwi Writers about Kiwi Writers Blogging Week, coming up 10th-16th October, thinking to myself that I should attempt to do the responsible thing.

I think I shall. Wonder what I’ll blog about, given I’ve been a most disfunctional writer of late.

On a related subject that Cassie bought to my attention weeks ago, and I left to get lost in the haze of my mind the Kiwi Writers Collection is up on Goodreads, cementing my place as a real author (at least as far as Goodreads is concerned). They just need to dot a few i’s and cross a number of t’s and I’ll be sorted.

My editing on my novel continues. But just not very quickly.

October is also a rather joyous occasion, as we see the release of Factotum, book three in the Monster Blood Tattoo series. Merrilee wrote a not-so-favorable review of the first book that I can’t really rebuke. Yes, there wasn’t a great deal of plot to it, and yes the world was a beautiful place, but it appealed to my inner 10 year old.

Book two, Lamplighter was a little less on the kiddy side, and was more of the meat that we would hope for in a Monster Blood Tattoo sandwich. It left me drooling and champing at the bit for book three. I’d line up at midnight to get my copy, and slavishly read through it all until it was all gone.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the series. It is the result of one man pouring of mapmaking and world building for countless years until one person came along and said ‘ummm, write a book already’. He did. DM Cornish is a flawless world builder in that respect. I feel that the series starts out simple, but grows in complexity as he finds his feet.


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