What are you up to?

A quick update that isn’t going to be all that long. My flash fiction entry is written, I just need to polish and submit it. That shouldn’t take too much, followed by the fact that it’s also not due for a goodly while just yet.

In the meanwhile, I’ve embarked on proofing the novel I wrote a month or so back. Or at least finished writing.  Editing is something that a lot of people like. It’s pounding something into a better shape, polishing the diamond that’s already been cut.

For me, I don’t like it too much, but then haven’t done a lot of novel length editing. Actually, at this stage it’s usually the ‘this doesn’t suck as much as I thought’ phase of the project.

More in time.


2 thoughts on “What are you up to?

  1. omg you’re working on the novel again? And no-one had to bash you about the head with the ‘get writing!’ phrase? Well done!!!!

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