A call to arms

It would appear that it is that time again. The last time was so far back that I couldn’t recall whether I’d entered or what the results were, but Cassie put me back on track. I’m talking about the Search Term Challenge.

Last time around I entered with two entries, and Ruzkin took out top honors with his rather cool story. This time around, who will win? Who knows. But I take the opportunity to publically call out Merrilee and Cassie to join ranks and enter. Ruzkin, rumor has it, has already written his entry …

Due date is the 16th October, which means plenty of time to kick out a few entries and get them in. For those who haven’t played this particular game, one takes the list of search terms and includes three of them somewhere in a short story. Personally I like to include all. You get extra kudos.

Then once entries close, we read the entries and there is a public vote. Entries are counted, and the winner announced.

I want that crown, dear Ruzzie …

The search terms didn’t immediately leap out at me with a story idea, but a bit of thought did get them working for me. I actually wouldn’t mind trying out the idea that came to mind. It’s been banging around for a year or so. Nothing more said though, votes and entries are blind until the end.

Course, all this calls to mind what I actually want to do with my writing. Do I want to write? Probably yes. What do I want to do? Be published? This doesn’t help me get published, I should have the razor sharp focus on that goal if it is indeed my goal.

No, but it is fun, and it does get me back in the habit, so to speak. And right now, I’ll settle for that, while I work out the rest.


12 thoughts on “A call to arms

  1. I know I was just speaking to you about this a couple hours ago, but somehow I managed to totally forget you were going to be calling me out…

  2. I agree with both those sentiments 🙂 But in the last month I have written over 8000 words, and binned every single one of them. So unless I get a flash of inspiration between now and then…

  3. Inspiration is the key! I’m in the same boat as Merrilee. I’m already bombing on my weekly goals because of this horrible virus.

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