Time for a game plan

I won’t consider this a return for form until I have a weeks worth of posts lined up from here all the way back to Sunday. We will see.

Next in my road to recovery though, having stripped myself of the unnecessary evils of Facebook gaming and FB addiction in general is laying out a roadmap on where to go to from here.

Writing, says Cassie.

I’m getting to that. Let’s have a creative State of the Union.

Right now I’ve been suckered back into running Shadowrun. Long term readers might remember last time I did that. It didn’t end too well, and frankly, it’s a drain on my ability to write, but it’s still a fine creative outlet. In a way, it’s a form of storytelling. It’s just not entirely written. One creates the bones of the story and the players help flesh it out with their delightful ability to run ramshackle across what you considered they might actually do with it.

I love the setting. I didn’t use to. The blend of cyberpunk and magic has had even William Gibson himself coughing tacks. But in terms of a roleplaying franchise that has stuck around for the time that it has, it has managed to weave a rough uberplot that I’ve fallen in love with. It’s hard not to, given how long its been around.

The ruleset is one thing, and the setting is another. Not so much giving you everything that happens, it gives you a main idea, and a lot of possibles. It’s an ideas factory in every sourcebook. More than a few times I’ve pondered writing something, a series of adventure modules perhaps.

Again, a form of writing. But like short stories, and novels, writing roleplaying modules I think is almost another genre. One I’ve not covered all that much, and certainly never produced. It’s something I’ve set my mind to, but not actually committed to.

I have a novel that I’ve recently written that needs editing. It’s been about a month, so there’s probably enough distant to go back and doing what needs doing. There’s idea two.

I’ve promised a novella or two to someone. Idea three.

I promised myself I would give a shot at a Choose Your Own Adventure book, during the time between writing the novel and editing it. That was meant to be a filler project. Idea four.

I figured I would start work on two other novels whose ideas are long past their due. Ideas five and six then?

What I need to do is take a leaf from Cassie’s book (sorry Cassie, you’re now my model idea of a writer who knows what she wants and what she needs to do to get it) and get organized. I need a game plan, and I need it before I get any more off track. Time to think, but note to self, do not take long.

The obvious choice seems to edit the novel.


One thought on “Time for a game plan

  1. No need to apologise 🙂 I love being someone who helps/inspires! I think once you have a plan in place, figure out where you want to be, you’ll be fine 🙂 Easy enough to fall off the writing wagon, hard work getting back on.
    I certainly am good at coming up with plans, life tends to make it harder for me to carry those out. In a perfect world…. we’d all have more time hehe.

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