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Getting rid of internet clutter

I think I will swear off Facebook. What does FB get me? Not a lot. I get to find out what everyone is doing, but I’m not sure I need to know that. It also makes me lazy. I could be blogging, but instead there is this enticing little window that lets me put in a single sentence.

I hate the internet.

Well no, I don’t, obviously, but I do hate how it’s dumbed us down a lot. I deal with people on a daily basis who are without internet, and for who internet (like many of us, I’m sure) is an addiction more than a service. We have to have internet. Why? To do stuff.

We’re now in a generation of short attention spans and even shorter, bite sized updates. Screw this. I’m going back to blog posts and emails. So for me, personally, I think I’m downsizing my internet. Or rather, I’m going to chop back FB to the occasional check, maybe on a daily basis. It’s data I can do without.

Every writer knows that the internet is the bane of our productivity. Downsizing is one less distraction.

Ironically, this realization comes with a new cellphone. I am now in the modern world when it comes to connectivity. Finally I have a phone that can do what everyone elses can. I can connect to my wireless and I can use mobile data. I have a decent screen, and can do all sorts of cool stuff.

Mostly I use it to check email.

Think less of it as a phone, and more of it as the net in the palm of my hand I was told. When I made that shift, I found myself discovering all manner of cool things. Google Maps on the go is fun. Also, the ability to overlay a map with Wikipedia links to all the main points of interest is cool, albeit useless in a practical sense. The ability to take a photo and send it directly to a person I’m talking to online is cool.

And then there’s the fact I can play all my favorite old Commodore 64 games on it (geek).

But for all the things I can do, it’s more a matter of what I actually do. Which is next to nothing. Other than checking a few pages now and then and updating myself on news, that is. Here’s to less clutter and a new way of things. Hopefully.

Maybe without my big blue friend I can do more in the way of posting blog posts …


5 thoughts on “Getting rid of internet clutter

  1. Facebook is evil, it really is. I am downsizing with that as well. I went through and deleted all the evil, mindless, soul sucking games I’ve been dragged into by one friend or another. Freedom!!!!!!!!

    And yes, you need to blog more often, and just be around more often. And how about writing more fiction more often too?? 😛

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