After the storm …

In so many ways. I’ve been neglecting my blog a bit of late, and noticed that finally, the storm that is Calvin and Hobbes has passed. I’ve always had a bit of a problem with these two ever since I mentioned them on my blog months and months back. Most of my hits are stolen, poison hits, people searching out those two. I can only hope that one or two of those people who have searched and found nothing stayed with me for other reasons.

Now I’m down to 12 or so hits a day, people coming across older posts. And there are a lot of old and diverse posts across the blog.

After the storm also in that I have finished my novel. I hit the 11th August deadline and the achievement went passed like most of my writing achievements. Quietly. I always promise to celebrate, but I’m usually happy to be done with another piece of work, and eager to get onto the next.

This break is punctuated by the fact that I have my first break from work in who knows how long. Unfortunately, I’m sick and confined to bed to recover. On the upside, I get to watch a lot of movies. If I actually did movie reviews for them all, I’d have enough posts for a whole week. I should consider that.

With the novel done, I’m thinking on the next big thing. Right now, the novel needs distance, so I’m not looking at it for the next little while. In the meantime, I’m working on PUNKPUNK (sorry Ruzzie, yeah I know this is the first you’ve heard of it). If you like the *PUNK genre, then I heavily recommend you head on over to that post and get your a’s into g.

Right now I’m busy channeling Neuromancer and William Gibson for a tale of Baristapunk that involves a down and out ex-barista and a briefcase that could change the course of the world. Wake up and smell the caffeine …

Beyond that, there’s an assassin story I’m slotted to work on … due October, so no panics there.

I think from here on in I’m only going to write stuff that I intend to publish. After I’ve kicked out a few short stories and pushed them around, I’ll go back to the novel, get that out there, then write another novel. In my mind I’ve got this all sorted out.

For now, it’s time for more lemon and honey tea.


7 thoughts on “After the storm …

  1. Can’t wait to see what you do with it, dude. If you’re already started on Baristapunk then I guess I better find a new genre of my own to pursue =P

  2. Hell no bro! You write baristapunk too! I wanna see what you come up with. I think it would be a good thing to have too stories that are baristapunk. It would so legitimise the whole genre! It aint just a one off thing.

    @onion I’m not sure any of the genres in PUNKPUNK exist, but I think that’s the point 😛

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