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My torrid affair with Facebook

I’m going to come right out and say it. I think that my increased use of Facebook is directly proportional to my drop in blog posting. After all, for a tiny fraction of the effort you can belt out whatever happens to be vaguely on your mind without the bother of having to forge it into some decently organised post.

I’m a slow adopter. And with the case of Facebook, my computer prevented me from adopting too quickly. My browsers were just too old and would post or reply or do this or that. Not until my latest computer have I found myself pushed into the deep end of the Facebook pool. And my blog posts have dropped.

Hmmm … but my visits from Facebook have climbed.

I guess I considered this a good enough subject for posting given a small fact I came across this morning. I can’t remember how many 100 million peoples have a Facebook page, but it eventually boils down to 1 in 12 people or so on the planet now have one. That created in my mind all sorts of cyberpunky images.

Now, sort of like my brief stint with Twitter, I too can find out what’s on peoples mind all day, every day. At least with a little more depth. It’s a fascinating insight in terms of what people share, and into what they think. I wonder what my Facebook says about me?

And on top of that there is my recent addiction into Facebook games. Completely pointless, and lacking in any real need for skill or strategy, I have no idea why they suck me in. It’s probably the popcorn nature of it all. Casual gaming in an era where casual networking is the thing of the moment.

I will have to work on steering away from the easy, and keeping at the blog posting. I’m never very good at doing two things at once.


2 thoughts on “My torrid affair with Facebook

  1. Don’t feel too bad; I still haven’t given into the whole Facebook thing. I did create an account briefly but I deleted it. There’s just something about the site that, quite frankly, puts me off. I can’t put my finger on what it is, but I dislike being on it. I hope you’ll be able to figure out a balance between the two – maybe you should try committing yourself to one or two blog posts a week to start?

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