Home run!

That has to be the fastest reply either, rejected or accepted. You mighta figured from the title and picture though that The Subtle Profession was accepted for print! It’s coming out in the Yellow Medicine Review. The upcoming issue is dedicated to celebrating indigenous, queer authors and writings.

I’m mildly chuffed.

This is something I will have to work on. It might hit me a little better once it’s sunk in. Maybe when I see the physical evidence of my accomplishment. There is a little voice in my head, hopefully one of the many internal editors that continuously berate me on my shortcomings saying something like ‘five or six short stories published is a little beyond luck, homeboy. That takes skill’.

I’ll have to make an occasion to celebrate somehow. As much as I should give it more recognition to myself, right now all I’m thinking is ‘finish the damn novel you’re working on’. Tomorrow and tomorrow. More to come.


7 thoughts on “Home run!

  1. You can’t be too far off bro! You got the drive and the talent! Thanks for the well wishes tho 🙂 It’s probably the kick in the seat of the pants I need right now.

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