Why you ain’t write us no mo’?

I’ll be blunt, I’ve done a piss poor job of keeping up on my blog posting. Hell, I’ve even fallen behind on the Weekend Viewing by a week. Ah well. I’ve never been too hot at keeping things up. Although it did do a pretty damn good run.

Right now I’m still hacking my way through the novel. Up to 36k or so and thinking to myself that it’s probably about time to start steering this baby into shore.

I’ve had a writing colleague at me about submitting to an upcoming journal release for queer indigenous authors, and today came across something that I think I might be ok with releasing. 40 hours before the deadline I might add. Well, technically it’s passed deadline, but he’s willing to let me submit ASAP. I’ll hammer out what I have and send it to the winds. Good luck thee.

I guess I didn’t realize the great derth of stuff that I have sitting on my hard drive that I’ve written. So much AP, and then the two offshoots. Countless story challenges that’s put me up who knows how many 3k short stories. Then there’s all the novels I’ve since forgotten writing.

Figure it’s about time to do something with them or blaze a path in some sort of direction, hmmm? We shall see.


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