A (writing) world without goals

I haven’t really been keeping with my own rules on writing. Since changing over to Jers Novel Writing program, I’ve done a poor job of doing much more than just writing. Even the thought of keeping stats and word counts has been seeming less and less appealing.

I was hit by a rather vague notion. Just writing.

Most of my writing for the last few years has been very much about goals and rules and such.  It’s about writing every day or else, and finishing 50k in 30 days and such. I’m starting to feel the same sort of curious freedom as I did when I was writing Tyson’s novel. Then, all that mattered was getting the work done. Everything else took care of itself.

It’s a reassuring feeling to know that there’s a stability there. There’s also the thought of ‘what do I write next’. Things are moving slowly enough and dependably enough that I’ve got plenty of time to work out what the next project should be.

Of course this could all be the thing that comes with writing novels, verses short stories and serials. Having said that, when I was focusing on word counts, it was always about word counts. Right now I feel like I’m focusing on the words.

I guess we all find our paths in writing, and what feels right and what works for us. Maybe after a lot of struggling, I’ve found mine? Or maybe I’m just getting older.


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