A Saturday full of distant stars

I don’t know when I last did it, or if I really ever did do it. Board games on a Saturday night. In this increasingly complex time of play entertainment, it’s nice to know that you can still go back to the old favorites. Having said that though, the picture above is of Twilight Imperium, which is perhaps just a tad more complex than Monopoly.

Me and group of friends often get together Saturdays for any number of social reasons. The rise of the console is a decent enough passtime, but does a piss poor job of involving more than two people, even with endless passing of the controller. Nothing involves a group of people more than a good board game.

Twilight Imperium has rules more dizzying than some computer games, and involves up to eight players, as they fight for dominance across a broken galaxy. It’s not that the rules themselves are hard, but the complexity of the game takes a bit of getting used to. Once they’re understood, the game has a great flow and handles some rather interesting strategies.

Our rather long game last night ended in an agreed end. The three of us slugged it out despite never actually engaging in any combat. It seems most of our games involve explosive expansion into the stars, and then heavy consolidation and winning through means other than fistfights.

If you’re at all interested, check out the games wikipedia entry, and there is also a link to the games homepage at the bottom of the page there. I think good board games are something worth celebrating. Despite living in an increasingly technological age, I think there’s something cathartic about gathering around a table with a bunch of friends for something that involves a good decent of brainpower.

Having said that, is there anyone out there that already knows the fun of board games every now and then? I know a friend who has tried to get a regular board game night together, but other than that, I suspect it is a dying pass time. Does anyone else have fond memories, or recent triumphs to share? Always interested in discovering a new addiction!


4 thoughts on “A Saturday full of distant stars

  1. We used to play board games back in Queensland. Lots of Cheapass games and those little boxed dungeon games. Very fun with the right group.

  2. Heh yeah I guess you gotta get the right group as well for it all to work. Ours doesn’t do too bad, apart from the fact you can generally pick at the predictabilities of strategies.

  3. I get way too excited over board games, but no one ever wants to play with me. Scrabble over a bottle of wine is my favourite! I suck at Monopoly, I actually haven’t won a game in years. Ten year olds beat me at Monopoly, but being a addict definately pays off with scrabble!

    Though I must say I haven’t played strategy board games… save chess. I’d probably be really crap at them haha

  4. Hehe I love strategy board games Xen, but doesn’t mean I’m actually any good at them. I’m a sucker for a good games mechanic too. I haven’t play Monopoly since I was a lot younger though.

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