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Weekend viewing; Shallow Grave (1994)

This weekends viewing is a first for a lot of things. For the weekend viewing list of films, it’s the first thriller. Otherwise, it’s the first directorial appearance of Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, Sunshine, 28 Days Later) as well as the first appearances of Ewan McGregor and Christopher Eccleston.

As the months start to drag fulled with rain and the approaching cold, why not settle down this weekend with a nasty piece of word that only the British could bring us; Shallow Grave.

Premise; three decidely preppy friends decide to find themselves a new flatmate. When the one they finally let the room to dies, they find that he had a suitcase full of money. Given that no one appears to know the guy, whats the chances they could get away with disposing of the body an keeping the money?

This tell all trailer shows the sort of psychological type horror that it seems only the British know best. There are some pretty grotty moments in the film, one particularly cringy and nasty scene, but again. British vs American. We don’t get to see the nasty, we are in amongst it as three friends pretty much destroy their relationships over the secrets they are forced to keep.

I think I saw this film around about the same time I saw The Last Supper (one of the first Weekend viewing entrances). I think I must have been in a rut for dark films. I think I was also piling through a whole stack of urban films as well.

I’m inadvertantly a fan of Danny Boyle I guess, with his two other films Sunshine and 28 Days Later close contenders to Weekend viewing listings. This film is similar but entirely different from those two, naturally. It shares the same grit through, and given it’s his screen debut it has a sort of rawness that the other films don’t have.

In terms of the film itself, it’s a tightly plotted story, well acted with little in the way of surprises. We know how this is going to end up. No ones going to get away with the cash. This is a cold and gritty tale about what lengths people will go to for money, and how secrets can ultimately destroy us.

The perfect film for a cold weekend!


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