Enter the Mac

Well, it’s probably well due time I posted again. Too busy with work, writing and all that sort of thing.

Writing wise I’m still a bit behind where I should be, but pushing 18,000 words or so, I feel like I’m in a comfortable enough place, and am just happy spending the time I need to with these characters, seeing where things go.

Having said that, I’m not pantsing it by a long shot.

In other news I’ve ditched my Ubuntu laptop for a Macbook like the one pictured. As much as people hate Macs (well, those people who do, it seems to be a laptop that divides people) I don’t mind them, and think it’s probably having come from being on a Linux laptop for so long.

It’s not a new one, but it’s shiny enough. I have to say I’m liking the fact that everything is so well integrated and such. It’s nice to dump an icon in the trashcan and have it delete the application along with it. The lines are sleek and it’s just a nice laptop to hold. Seductive.

More, I’m just happy that I can work with all the applications I want to. My old Ubuntu was in such a state that the applications were barely working, meanwhile the fan was burning overtime even at idle. Not only that, but I can do all sorts of things that I’d usually have to fire up another laptop to take care of.

Right now, I am listening to streaming audio, with a chat application open, while writing up blog posts and Facebook posts in the other tab. Ah. Not much of a thrill to the average person, but to me, I would have had to do two of those things on a laptop that was running a decent browser.

Meanwhile, I think vaguely about Agents Provocateurs. I almost miss that lot of crazy misfits …


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