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Weekend viewing; Oscar (1991)

Ok, so there might seem to be a little of a theme here, but it’s entirely unintentional. When it comes to selecting films for weekend viewing, I tend to think of ones that I think maybe people haven’t heard of, but should have.

So, here is film number three which just happens to star Tim Curry. And film number two that is somewhat a comedy of errors.

This weekends viewing, Oscar.

Premise; ‘Snaps’ Provolone is a gangster in the Prohibition Era, who makes a promise to his dying father that he will go straight and make an honest life. On the one day when everything is set for his change in ways, fate seems to conspire against him.

One might not think that Sylvester Stallone makes for good comedy, and I think that’s entirely why this is a good film. It’s nothing like you would expect from him, coming totally left field for someone who would otherwise be hamming it up in an action role. In this, he plays a well spoken character who is the opposite of the lot of his staples, even if with a slight nod to the macho action parts we would expect from him.

The parts of this film just click together perfectly. And maybe again, like Clue, it’s a film that just skips along greatly because of its sharp dialogue and ‘one mistake after another’ that we see coming with a predictability that makes us smile. That’s what makes the comedy of errors a fun watch, and what probably makes Oscar such a surprise.

This short but sweet trailer will set you right with what you need to know. The rest of it is a great ride that comes to a fairly surprising conclusion. Light hearted and fun, just what you need after a long week at work.


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