Alan Wake, first impressions

A colleague at work thrust a copy of Alan Wake into my unsuspecting hands, while I was busy fixing someones dial up connection. Now this is both a good and bad thing. Good cause I want to play it, bad cause I want my own copy. But if I complete it, there will be little point to buy it.

So far though, damn, I’m hooked. Yes, the graphics are dated, yes the voice acting is a little off, but the atmosphere and the format is great. As far as survival horrors go, it hits all the right buttons. The action so far has kept me on edge better than most games.

The TV format is great as well. Unfortunately, while it makes for great, digestable bites and some pretty sweet storytelling format, it does make for a rather short game. I know that, and am sort of prepared for it. Right now I’m taking it one episode a night. Despite the shortness of it all, it certainly makes the whole thing feel very unique, and plays out very unlike any other game I’ve played.

I’ll probably give some fuller impressions when I’m done with the game. At this rate, it won’t be long. Don’t worry Red Dead Redemption, I’ll be back.

2 thoughts on “Alan Wake, first impressions

  1. Thanks for your comments Kevin! And yeah, I totally feel you on that. If my mate hadn’t forced this copy on me, it would have been months and months.

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