My various addictions

I’m a sucker for online games. I personally find the internet a strange place. For all it has, I find myself generally on an endless holding pattern, going from site to site in a small group of my favourites. From them, I generally keep up to date with what I need to know. My biggest use of the internet is to keep up with mates.

Online games are my other waste of time.

More recently it was Echo Bazaar. I went off that almost as quickly as I came to it. Despite it being great from a storytelling point of view, it quickly came to a midway grind, where it ended up being the same thing over and over again. That’s turns me off most games.

More recently I found Empire Avenue. A relatively young game, still in beta (so is Echo Bazaar for that matter). It makes a stock of yourself, your price affected by your social media. I suck at social media. I’m an email boy, old school. I do blog a bit though, when I’m on my game. For now, it’s keeping my attention.

(Shout outs to anyone who does come this way from the Avenue!)

This game reminds me of another that involves pinning stock prices to things. The Hollywood Stock Exchange. In this game, you trade on the eventual success of upcoming films. I came to it when it was in its young years too. Even while not playing, the long term stocks I carry still and my long term portfolio value still keeps me in the top 10% of the game.

I’m a sucker for time wasting. The last thing any writer ever needs. Only thing worse is sharing your addictions with others (sorry Cassie!).


2 thoughts on “My various addictions

  1. haha thats okay, I faded off Echo Bazaar as quickly as you and I will not even click that link for this new one 😛 I do not have time for more distractions! lol

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