And now for something entirely disturbing …

There’s no doubting that Red Dead Redemption is a beautiful game. This might actually be my one gripe about it. It’s so nice, so fully realized that the plot almost feels empty next to it.

But with the sheer size of the game, there is something that is bound to happen. Glitches. I have to say that I’ve not come across any, but after being shown the Amazing Donkey Woman last week, I’ve discovered there’s an entirely huge menagerie of bugs.

There’s the Astounding Cougar Man, the Zombie Women, the Gunfighter Dog, and these things which border on the almost disturbing to watch.

I’m still plugging through Red Dead, wondering if it’s a hideously short game as well. I never like squandering my games, but sometimes theres no choice. I agree with Penny Arcade who lamented that the world exists almost by itself. The plot is something just happens, almost detached from the rest of the setting. It’s boring by comparison. You just want to do stuff with the setting. You want to set up a farm, or steal cattle, or any number of things not related to the point of the game.

Rockstar have never really been great with plots, or characters, I might say. While playing on stereotypes might work to a degree, they also make for dry and cardboard characters. John Marsden is cool enough. The ranch owner woman was cool too. It’s the only bit of the plot so far that I felt involved. Most other bits and pieces I’ve groaned and appreciated that Marsden has got pissed at the latest pointless delay. It does end up feeling filler though.

Let’s see if I can get to the third state and find out where this plot really is going. It’s go a lot less rounding up of Marsden’s old gang in it that I thought.


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