Weekend viewing; The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

What better way to celebrate a long Queens Weekend than by kicking up our heels with a cult classic that’s as old as I am? And no better way than in style, with music. This weekend join us for the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Ok. Erm. Premise. This might be the strangest one I’ve done of these.

A couple get stranded when their car gets a flat tire. Seeking help and shelter from the rain at a nearby house, they find it is run by a crossdressing doctor who has a whole more secrets than that. Truth is, he’s an alien from another planet (Transexual, to be exact), bent on creating the perfect man, as he partakes in earthly pleasures rather than his original mission.


If this sounds decidedly b-grade, it is. If it sounds decidedly sexual, it is too, but in an entirely fun way, if you mean to be an adult about it all (I don’t remember there being any actual sex in it). It’s also based off a musical, so has all the camp, over the top numbers that are just entirely too catchy. And yes, Doctor Frank N Furter is played by a rather young Tim Curry. And somehow we also get Meatloaf in the mix as well.

I think to myself that this perhaps isn’t a great one to include in the weekend viewing lineups, I mean, who hasn’t seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Probably entire generations, I think to myself after a bit of thought. It’s a cult classic, but it’s also old. Perhaps not a bad reason to give it some coverage. That an it’s an entirely fun film, probably best watched with like minded mates.

I can only imagine what the midnight screenings were like, where everyone dressed up and bought props. This short trailer is the perfect teaser that will show you a little of the madness you’d be getting yourself in for. Even though it’s 35 years old, I can bet money you’ll have no problems finding it in a DVD store. That, and I do believe it’s the only movie of a stage show whose NZ run also starred one of our prime ministers …



2 thoughts on “Weekend viewing; The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

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