Breaking earth

Ok, I could use the excuse that I’ve been far too focused on writing. Yes, that’s why you haven’t heard from me since the weekend. That would be partly correct. So let’s first deal with the matter of writing.

I have started writing and I have kept mostly to the plan of 1,000 words per day. I even wrote after work yesterday to make sure I got my required totals. Well, I mostly got the totals required. Three days in and I’m just shy of 3,000 words.

I would be doing better, but I think that the first chapter is some of the worse crap I’ve written in a long time. I pushed on regardless, because hell, it’s a first draft. Chapter two is flowing a lot better, and hopefully we’ve got past any issues and we are in for a decent run.

Right. The rest of the reason why I haven’t posted my progress. Echo Bazaar. How can I describe thee? Well, it’s essentially a game by which you get turns over time, and use those turns to up your skills and such. That’s pretty much every free online game right there. But what makes this game so hideously cool is that on top of that, it also has story elements. You almost feel like you are creating the story and life of your character, rather than just upping skills with continuous button presses.

The setting is bizarre, but great. London in 1885 or so has sunk into the ground, the Thames now runs straight into hell. In this Sunken London, all manner of weirdness walks the streets in a curious Cthuluesque twist. You quietly build your story, biding your time for your next lot of actions to save yourself from hideous nightmares, and plot the next move with your ambitions.

I didn’t realize how addictive it would be. It’s so simple, yet so fun.

All things considered I’ll try and update on the writing tomorrow. I should try and at least keep the updates coming on that as I write. In the meanwhile, check out Echo Bazaar, and if you do hit me up here. As it is linked to your twitter login, those following you on twitter are your friends in your game.


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