Shoot now, write later

Hard to imagine I’ll be in any other headspace than Red Dead Redemption for a while, but come Monday I’ll be writing novels again. I’ll allow myself the weekend off to ride the plains but then it’ll be nothing but downtown Auckland, relationships and work counts.

I have a good feeling about the novel, but it might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been thinking nothing but it for the last little while. Always a good sign, that. And it is rather fun to be visiting all the places in writing that I see every day around me. The novel is rather strongly based in Downtown Auckland.

More to follow on that during the week, of course.

In terms of Red Dead Redemption, I’ve little gripes about it. It is rather deserving of the accolades that it is getting at the moment. It looks gorgeous in a way that reminds me of Fallout3’s wide and deserted vistas. The plot is stereotypically Western, but that’s almost what makes it so cool. Farmhouse shootouts and cutting down people before they hang.

I am also rather appreciative of the trend that this game seems to continue of offering something for buying the game first hand. That and the rather cool Xbox avatar rewards for hunting the wide plains of the game.

No doubt I’m one of many enjoying the game this weekend.


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