Weekend viewing – Ong Bak (2003)

Maybe it’s the unashamably teenage boy in me that just loves a good martial arts film, or maybe it’s just an entirely guy thing. This weekends viewing is perhaps the one martial arts film that I would recommend to people who haven’t perhaps seen (or wanted to see) a film of this genre.

Premise. Our hero Ting lives a happy existence in an isolated village in Thailand, until the head of their sacred idol is stolen. He then goes to Bangkok to retrieve it.

Honestly, plot is not the point of martial arts films. It’s usually just a start and end point that requires the star to head in a straight line through countless fights. Ong Bak is entirely typical of the genre, but what makes it stand out is what makes the martial arts genre; it’s martial arts and stunts.

The only trailer I could find for this one shows you what sort of plot you’re sitting down for. It’s cliched and thin as tissue. But it also shows what will keep you sitting through it regardless.

I would much rather have put up a link to a clip of the opening scenes of the film, which sold me on the experience almost instantly. In the first five minutes we are treated to ten or so men rushing to the top of a tree to grab a flag in contest. The way they inevitably fall like apples prove there’s no wires involved. The way they make it to the top shows the athletism of the film.

If you’re in the mood from something mindless, but don’t mind being wowed by some top class martial arts, then you can’t go wrong with this one.


3 thoughts on “Weekend viewing – Ong Bak (2003)

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  2. I also loved this movie, I was lucky to purchase Ong Bak 1 & 2 on DVD really cheap here in Australia. The stunts & martial arts is what this movie is about and will keep you watching. The story line is alittle thin but like the reviewer said however as mentioned its the Martial Arts that is the story here ….So go watch it if you can get it

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