Is this it?

Most likely. I haven’t focused this steadily on a project for quite some time. Hopefully this focus will carry come Monday when I actually get to the part where I write. I expect it shall.

Planning is coming to an end and I’m relatively confident that I’ve done enough, and the rest can be sorted out by pantsing it all. I’ve got pages of notes on the two characters Josh and Malo. I find myself looking forward to visiting a lot of the sort of places I visited with Tyson’s novel. Both relationship wise, and physically. The novel is based mainly around downtown Auckland, and K Road. It’s just a trait of my writing that they’ll probably end up visiting a few of the imagined locations that Tyson ended up.

So, tomorrow more planning. Saturday and Sunday … erm … more planning too. That is if I don’t get too seriously sidetracked by Red Dead Redemption. Which is if I can even get my hands on a copy of the game. Fresh off the first day of release … no, I didn’t preorder.

Oh, and be sure to join us first thing tomorrow morning for yet another weeks Weekend Viewing. Might be time to change it into the Weekend Film Club or something. If anyone have actually watched any of the films under my recommendation, I’d be interested in hearing what you thought.

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