Bright Falls is done, prepare for Alan Wake

Well, I’ve already had my mind made up on what I’m going to toss my money towards later on in the week. The choice; a very cool looking Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar, who frankly, have produced some of my most favorite games ever. Or, Alan Wake, which counts amongst its influences some of my favorite things; Silent Hill, and Twin Peaks.

Initially it came down purely to price. $130 bucks for Red Dead. $120 bucks for Alan Wake. On principle I don’t want to shell out $130 bucks for any game, thanks very much. But I find myself swinging back to Red Dead for two reasons which are counting against Alan Wake. It is getting average reviews (actually they are ending up now more towards excellent), but more importantly, the experience racks up at about 14 hours.

As cool as the game might be, that still hits me as a bit short. Having said that Mass Effect 2 was that short. I don’t have a huge amount of good things to say about that game …

Despite what I might be picking at this stage, the prequel short series Bright Falls has completed and hell is it good. If you haven’t seen it already, head on over to the first episode here on YouTube. Even if you’re not interested in Alan Wake, or can’t be due to console choice, still check it out. As a stand alone 20-30 minute short film, it is great.

The whole thing is great for a bit of hype advertising. It probably the closest thing we will ever get to the sort of weirdness we saw of Twin Peaks. At the same time, it does an outstanding job at developing a heavy and somewhat disturbing atmosphere in such a relatively short piece of film. What it falls short on with length, it makes up for with impact.

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