Sunday round-up

Cassie and Merrilee have both been checking up on me in terms of whether I’m actually writing. No I’m not, but I’m planning. I’m giving myself a full week of planning, then next week I’ll start with the writing. Then I’ll give myself about 60-90 days for a first draft. Totally doable. I’ve written novels on less.

I feel a little sad that I’m not workshopping (you still can, I hear Merrilee and Cassie say …). Nothing is more important than community when it comes to writing. This leads me into the first link I’m going to give up for your Sunday enjoyment; 13 Writing Tips, by Chuck Palahnuik. One of his tips includes writing community. Yes, writing is a lonely and solitary task, but don’t forget to unwind with like minded artists.

Something else I was introduced to this week was the idea of the ‘literal music video’. One such (and probably the best) example of this is Total Eclipse of the Heart. But what is a literal music video? Exactly that, the original video, but the songtrack replaced by literal lyrics of whats happening in the video. Total Eclipse of the Heart is by far the weirdest video I’ve ever seen anyway. So singing whats happening on screen does make for an amusing affair.

Now, not much left to do today than perhaps a cup of tea, and wait for the latest Doctor Who (not overly convinced by the latest Doctor) and Alien3 (which I like, despite it being so widely hated) later on. Then work tomorrow. Again. Where does the weekend go?


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