Weekend viewing – Clue (1985)

This weekends viewing is a break from the last number of films that I’ve recommended, a comedy of a rather aged vintage. It’s actually scary to think that it’s sitting on 25 years old … having said that, the board game on which it is based is even older.

Premise. A number of people are invited to a dinner party, given pseudonyms to protect their identity, and then told they are all being blackmailed. But when their potential blackmailer, Mr Boddy, turns up dead, who is the murderer? And where, and with what?

Clue is a film with a rather cult following, probably because it’s dialogue is some of the most endlessly quotable of any film I know. It’s the sort of film to watch with like minded buddies during a lighthearted weekend get together. None of the dialogue is wasted. Almost all of it has some sort of joke tied into it. With the sort of stellar line up of stars (ok, stellar for 1985) including Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd and Madeline Kahn delivering the lines, they whip and crack off the script.

Frankly the ending (of which there are actually three) isn’t the point of this film. Who really cares who did it, next to the ride we take to get there. The lighthearted shenanigans of the cast through the length of the film is the point of it all.

I honestly don’t know if DVD stores will still carry this one, but given it’s cult status maybe you might get lucky. If you can track it down, it’s worth it. Otherwise, check out the trailer to see what you’d otherwise be getting yourself in for.


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