The age of things, or, how Alien is very old

I found myself spluttering today when I asked a colleague if he had seen Alien (you know who you are!). I guess even though I asked the question, I didn’t really expect an answer of ‘no’.

I watched the film again on TV last Sunday despite owning it on DVD. Despite the countless times I’ve seen it, I can still watch it over and over.

My colleagues answer reminded me of a fact that I’ve found myself entertaining time and time again recently. The fact is one of age, and in the case of Alien, here’s something that is 31 years old.

I’m 35.

Alien is 31.

That’s a bloody old thing … no wonder someone can not have heard of it. Or even seen it. I find myself curiously amused that things are slipping into an age where there are people I know that aren’t even half as old as one of my favorite movies. A number of the films I’ve mentioned in the Weekend viewing posts are pushing 20. Most of my favorite albums and music are pushing 20+.

Despite it’s advanced age I don’t think Alien shows it. Even with perhaps the slightly dated haircuts, Alien doesn’t look 31. I think it could hold its own with recent films. Maybe it’s because I grew up with it (actually, I can’t remember when I first saw Alien) or that I have a soft spot for it, but for what it is, I think that Alien is a rather remarkable and timeless film.

As with a lot of films I’ve been checking up on lately, Alien is in the Library of Congress archive listed as “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant”. Forget all the sequels, this one did well enough doing what it did, telling a good old fashioned ‘around the camp fire scares’ story, even if dressed in sci-fi trappings.

Maybe it’s a timely thing to remember this films age, especially when it’s producer is considering prequel films. Some things are best left treasured for what they are.


7 thoughts on “The age of things, or, how Alien is very old

  1. Wow, I really hadn’t realised it was that old. All that time and there hasn’t been a remastered version?

  2. I was thinking that Onion. I was thinking how it might stand up to films today with a bit of touching up. But it’s never been touched up as far as I know. Curious that. I don’t even remember a 25th anniversary edition.

    It’s ok Mew! We can all be old together I think 🙂

  3. Yeah I feel old too, though at least Alien is older than me! If not by a whole lot…
    I find it sad thinking about all the things my kids will only experience if I remember to expose them to it. I think that’s why older children’s shows/toys etc do so well when they get brought back – care bears, my little pony, straw berry shortcake. Us, the older people, the parents remember how much we loved it as children and want to relive that through our kids. Good way to make a fortune! Maybe movies/shows for more mature audiences will cotton onto that at some point too?

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