Forging the goals

I woke up this morning feeling very worse for wear, and am (as of lunch time, when I’m writing this) still popping disprins. I checked Merrilee’s blog, as per normal every morning, knowing today was goals day. I read through the post and began doubting. This smelled curiously like hard work.

Not how I’m feeling I’m not, I thought. I wonder if we can turn in our goals tomorrow? I have areas of interest, but turning them into the format of goals smells like hard work. I didn’t feel like hammering them into the three month plan that I need.

Yet here I am, during my lunch break, doing what needs to be done.

So, following is what I’ve decided will be my plan of attack. It is divided up fairly much like Merrilee’s and hopefully has the same strong, confident and authoritive tone that hers has.

PART ONE; Finding the habit (again)

This part isn’t going to be so much about exploring interests for me. It’s going to be about doing what I need to do. However, I will link this four weeks by the common goal of writing different forms of fantasy.

Week 1: High fantasy
Week 2: Sword and planet pulp
Week 3: Urban fantasy
Week 4: Fantasy horror

This part of the course will be primarily about doing what needs to be done; getting the habit. My goals for these weeks will be;

1. Write at least 1 story in each of those themes.
2. Spend at least 30 minutes a day either writing, or planning, or plotting, if need be.

PART TWO; Ssssh, don’t talk, dear …

Again, with the idea of still writing at least 1 story per week, and spending 30 minutes a day plotting, planning or writing, I will explore description in stories. Not an overly dramatic area of exploration, but I want to focus on it. Right now, my month will be split into the following areas;

Week 1: Action and form, people description
Week 2: Explore the urban
Week 3: Explore the country
Week 4: Exotic weirdness

These stories will rely primarily on description rather than dialogue to carry them. I’ll focus on precise description, mood and atmosphere and moving the story on those, rather than dialogue.

PART THREE; Girls rock

Ah, the female point of view. I will split this section into character study more than anything. I’ve not written a lot of females, but I have noticed that those I’ve written tend to be the vaguely same sort of character. This part of the course I shall write four entirely different characters, all female. No week by week goals on this one, as long as they are four distinctly different types of character.

I think that will do me … I’ve not put a lot of pressure on myself in terms of high word counts or story requirements. More, I’ve put my pressure on regularity. If I’m not writing, I want to be doing something writing related, and it has to be uninterrupted (no staring off into space to pass the time, no sitting in cafes that have net connections for tempting me).

Well that went relatively well. Better I did that today than do it after work, when I should otherwise be getting an early nights sleep. Lets hope …

Evening thoughts @7pm

Not too many really other than to say it’s a little scary that I’ve just planned out the next three months of my writing. It’s vaguely liberating and somewhat weird.

Catch you tomorrow morning with the latest Weekend viewing!


11 thoughts on “Forging the goals

  1. I’m pleased to see that the girls got a look in, and I think in your case focusing on forming a habit and making this a part of your life again is probably a good idea. You have clearly set out how you intend to do that.

    Are you brewing ideas for your fantasy stories yet? I hope there is some excitement going on for you at least, despite feeling worse for wear! Sending some healthy vibes your way (but keeping a few back for myself, gotta get over my sickness too ya know 😉 lol)

  2. No, but I’m in a fantasy mood at the moment. I think that I can do those ones easily. It’s going to be the description month thats going to be challenging. Should be fun thought!

    I think I just need more rest. I didn’t even realize it was Thursday today! Weekends coming up though …

  3. Sending healthy vibes to you and Cassie! Now why didn’t I think of using your first goal as mine? I’ve only written one first draft (which happened to be a short story) in over a year. Maybe my muse is hiding some accumulated inspiration?

  4. Well done, Tama. I would like to see you thinking about stronger links between the stories, but otherwise, they look just fine.

    And with that output, you should be over your writing doldrums 🙂

  5. @kerryn I think sometimes the muse needs flushing out …

    @merrilee Yay! Teacher has checked over my shoulder 🙂 I think I’m mostly happy with those goals for now. Does need a bit stronger linking I think, but that might yet come to me.

  6. Tama, this looks like a fun list. I think it sounds intriguing to try and write a story mostly via description; just reading your goal started my brain to spinning, how could I do that, hmm… 😉

    The good news is I think you will easily resume your writer’s life with things this interesting to draw your Artist Child out to play!

  7. Actually Mew I think that it’s going to the hard month that one. I did write a mostly descriptive chapter of something just before this workshop came along. I think I’m able to do it, it’s just a matter of doing it effectively. It’s going to be an interesting three months tho!

  8. Hey we’ll be working on female characters at the same time! I can offer moral support haha. And I also relate to getting back into the habit, it’s going to be interesting.

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