In formulating goals

Everyone else has been formulating ideas and posts about what they intend to work into possible goals for the writing class.

I’m having a little trouble formulating mine. Even with my backwards thinking to think forward post. It gives me some possible direction about where I go from here. Reading it again, it almost seems obvious.

I have vague areas of investigation, but nothing that I can yet pound out into goals. Yet. That could change later in the week.

I know I want to write more regularly, thats a possible goal. I think that the classes will kick me into a habit of some sort. The rest is really up to me on that one.

I know I want to explore female characters. Of everything I’ve written, I’d say an easy 98% of my characters are guys. That’s probably not overly surprising. I’m a guy. And given my dealing with matters of sexuality, its not too surprising that a lot of the characters I write about are guys in that respect to.

I’m sure I can write girls, but it’s not an area I’m comfortable with, and one that I haven’t really explored all that deeply. I’m certainly passionate about gender representation in books. It’s something that I certainly might want to give some time in the next 14 weeks.

I want to work on description. Dialogue I’m fine with. Talking moves stories quickly, I’m scared of drag in stories, I’m scared of large chunks of description so tend to get a bit skint on that sort of thing. Ironically enough, one of the last things I wrote was a chapter of something with almost no dialogue. I think it worked. I want to explore description more.

Working on cliffhangers? Not sure about that one. None of these are really goals yet. Still. Early days.


9 thoughts on “In formulating goals

  1. It seems quite a few people want to work on becoming more diverse with their characters. You’re definitely not alone in that respect.

  2. You should totally do the girl thing, I enjoyed reading about Zadey, but other than her Constance is your only female character I think? It never hurts to branch out and encompass some new stuff. Looking forward to watching your goals develop!

  3. Zadie rocked! I not only enjoyed writing her in Tyson’s novel, but it was fun writing her in … ermm … I think it was of my Nanowrimo efforts.

  4. I’m following Merrilee’s instructions to “find” all the participants in her workshop. It’s been interesting to read all our reasons for signing up and our goals we hope to reach. Including enough description is something I need to work on too.

  5. First, you have a really cool header. Love it.

    Just out of curiosity, when you say most of your characters are guys, is that just POV/main characters, or is it more general? I write both genders fairly freely, but don’t think I necessarily do it very well – I find it difficult to be objective about it to be honest. It’s hard figuring out whether you’re any good at writing about something you can never experience!

    100% with you on the description thing – I thought it was just me!

  6. Looks like you’ve got a good start on your goals. I’m the complete opposite with dialogue. I think I could write a whole book and happily never include a line of dialogue. I write too many thoughts.

  7. @AuroraLee I used to write a lot of internal thought, but I’ve since swung up the other end of the extreme now days. I didn’t remember that until you mentioned it!

    @Linda Thanks for passing through! I am still struggling through getting through the many blogs on the list 🙂

    @Davina Hah! Thanks on the compliments to the header. It changes when the mood takes me, but that ones hung around a while now … you recognise where it is from? And in answer to your question, most of my characters are guys. POV and in general. Cassie is right though, I did write Constance in my serial. She was a POV female, but then she vanished plot wise … I just need to explore female POV and non POV characters more I think.

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