Class is in

Class is certainly in, and there’s an excitement in the air with the first post up laying out whats coming up this week. I can feel a bit of the excitement myself right now, and I picture everyone shuffling paper and pens.

One of our first tasks is to get a pad and pen to carry around with us. Already got that sorted. Now I just have to formulate my goals, which is the task for this week. Probably need to give that some serious thought tomorrow.

Not much else to report at this early stage. It certainly looks like it might well be an exciting 14 weeks. I’ve never really taken part in any writing workshops. I’ve just got down to the task at hand and hacked on ahead.


9 thoughts on “Class is in

  1. It is an exciting moment; isn’t it, Tama? Almost as if the classroom is getting hushed, waiting for the prof to approach the lectern, LOL. 😉 I’ve got my notebook; now I just need a larger purse to hold it.

  2. @mew Yeah its totally like that! I’m lucky that I bought a journal a while back, that fits perfectly into my small satchel with my computer.

    @merrilee Well my previous writing goals were always ‘write 3000 words this week, or else’.

  3. This is my first writing workshop as well!

    @merrilee – I’ve been ‘made’ to work with goals before, but never done it seriously until now. I’m not very goal-oriented IRL, but it seems to work with writing. I actually looked forward to writing them!

  4. I’ve always gone with wordcounts, because they are easily measurable. Editing time, etc, not so easy. I always achieve better when I have to make wordcounts.

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