Weekend viewing; Moon (2009)

With another weekend coming up, what will we line up for the weekend viewing? Well, although science fiction definitely isn’t everyones cup of tea, why not try this little film staring (pretty much only) Sam Rockwell. Rather than the sort of stuff that’s come out recently that gives the genre a bad name, Moon is very much an old school sci-fi.

Premise. Sam Rockwell is the solitary worker on a moon base. His job, mine isotopes, which serve as an unlimited, clean burning fuel source that has solved all Earth’s problems. As he comes to the end of his 3 year contract, he starts suffering a break down, perhaps bought on by years alone.

Maybe it’s the distinctively 1970’s style of it all, with it’s relatively uncramped space environments, and it’s clean white walls, computer terminals and talking artificial intelligences that harks back to 2001 (the film, not the year). Or maybe it’s just the subject matter, that really does what sci-fi used to do, explored matters of a truly human nature, despite its space bound locations.

Sam Rockwell surely steals the film, even if he’s pretty much the only actor in it. His  only company, GERTY, is voiced by Kevin Spacey. As almost ridiculous as it might sound casting Spacey as the voice of an AI, he pulls it off flawlessly. And given he has only a voice and a series of smiley face emotcons to work with, Spacey gives us a subtle range of emotions that mirror Rockwell’s more extreme reactions.

Don’t let the fact that this film is sci-fi turn you off. It’s not only a good watch, but timely in the subject matter it explores. No big space ships and light sabers in this one, just a good old style human story, perfectly presented.

Check out this trailer to help you make up your mind.


9 thoughts on “Weekend viewing; Moon (2009)

  1. ha! you know what? We actually have this out at the moment and WILL be viewing it over the weekend. Finally, it hit the top of our list at Fatso, we’ve been waiting awhile!

  2. Brilliant film, although quite a lot predictable. I don’t think a scifi story exists that Star trek hasn’t already done!

    Great acting, and enough intrigue to continue watching.

  3. @onion Well, yes, Star Trek has covered a lot of ground though. And it is a hint predictable I guess, but I guess that I just found it refreshing compared with a lot of sci fi that’s out there.

    @xen If you check it out tell me what you think of it! I only know one person whose seen it, and he recommended it to me. A lot of people though have said ‘Oh, I’ve heard that’s good …’

  4. I’ve been excited about seeing Moon for ages and ages and ages. Guess I’ve got no excuse now for not tracking down a copy…

  5. Curiously enough my friends and I almost saw this film this weekend, but I couldn’t convince them to see it (they never like seeing new things). We ended up seeing Naked Gun, and Evangelion; 1.0. Which various numbers of us had already seen. Only I had seen Moon. Well, soon enough …

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