tama wise

Who is Alan Wake again?


I came across some news this evening and was so excited I could barely breath! Proof enough that even if I can’t be moved by Up, at least I still have some sort of heart.

But I have to start at the beginning.

Alan Wake is a game exclusively for the Xbox 360 that I endlessly got mixed up with Heavy Rain before that was released a while back. Alan Wake (you’ve heard this storyline before) is about an author who decides to escape to a small town to write his novel, only to get haunted by the very spirits he’s writing about. As night closes in, all the horrors come out.

The more thats been coming out about the game has had me paying closer and closer attention to it. The latest comparisons put it at about a mix between Silent Hill and Twin Peaks. Hence my excitement recently in the game, but the latest piece of news just makes things seem even more unbearably cool.

In a run up to the games release next month they are running a live action, six part miniseries of sorts, both via Xbox Live and via this site here. The series is called Bright Falls, after the games setting. And anyone whose seen even a little of Twin Peaks will probably recognize its influence in the following (almost pathetically short) teaser for the series.

Hideously exciting. I hope that it’s good. I can live in hope.

This comes on the tail of news released of John Hillcoat (director The Road, and The Proposition) producing a 30 mini movie for Red Dead Redemption next month as well. Is this the future of blockbuster games?