Weekend viewing; Fresh (1994)

This weekends film is one of my all time favourites. Released during the great waves of 90s ghettos films, Fresh was a thinking mans film. The premise is pretty straight forward on this one; a coming of age story about a kid who plays chess, who has to confront the dangers of growing up amongst gangs and drug dealers.

Entirely typical ghetto film fair, but as is often with films with young actors (ones that work at least) it’s him who that steals the whole film. Sean Nelson holds his own opposite Samuel L Jackson, who plays Fresh’s cynical and never present father.

The film isn’t so much about chess, but it’s shot on a backdrop of chess. And given it’s got chess in it, you’d rightly expect that it works as a parallel to the plot of the film. It’s not entirely by the books though, and the ending is as hard hitting and powerful as the rest of the film. I wouldn’t recommend the film as a ghetto film or a chess film, but rather as just a very good coming of age story.

No trailer for this one, but instead check out a rather typical chess scene from the film. Happy watching, and should be an easy one to track down at the DVD stores.


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