Weekend viewing; The Last Supper (1995)

It’s Friday, and time for gearing up for some movie watching this weekend, perhaps. Why not take this recommendation, a relatively short and sweet black comedy about a bunch of liberal arts students who invite right wing guests to dinner and then murder them?

That’s the straight forward premise to The Last Supper.

I’m a little mixed about recommending this film, but I rather liked it. I picked it up from the video (yes, it was a video store then) knowing absolutely nothing about it. Sometimes those are the best films. It may not be to everyones tastes, but its an amusing watch.

Most of the film is dialogue, but then that’s not entirely surprising. I think the premise itself sold the film for me, and the rather black comedy of it all. It’s a somewhat short watch, but that alone is not a problem, it hits about the right length given what can be done with the situation. It’s just somewhat amusing to watch the poor bunch of students dig themselves in deeper and deeper, and wonder how they’ll get themselves out of it.

The film trailer definitely shows the age of this one. But it’s from a different age really, one where trailers told you what you were getting yourself in for, rather than promising stuff or delivering all the laughs and good bits in the teaser. Look for Cameron Diaz as well …


4 thoughts on “Weekend viewing; The Last Supper (1995)

  1. I did wonder what this weeks pick was going to be! I remember going to see this at the film festival when it first came out, with my mother. I enjoyed it then and have watched it once since with some friends (but not in the last 10 years). I loved the concept back then, it appealed a great deal. I bet I couldn’t find it around here if I tried these days tho! lol

  2. Heh I don’t know, might be able to track it down, despite it’s age … I just liked how almost everything became a killing offense towards the end …

    I’ve got another two reviews stored away, and prepublished. Might need to rename it the Weekend Film Club at this rate! Good to see that so far I’ve not been talking about films no ones seen, despite them being fairly obscure films.

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