Weekend viewing; Brick (2005)

For someone out there, it’s close approaching the weekend. For myself, unfortunately, I’m about to settle in for a 5 day stretch after a 1 day break. When what I would rather be doing is settling in for a good movie this weekend.

Well, here’s one on me.

Brick is what you get when you mix hard boiled film noir with high school social strata. Before you laugh at the idea, the result is strangely appropriate. The director of the film is a huge fan of old crime films, and saw that there was a certain degree of cross over between noir staples, and high school life.

What results is a film that is something entirely unique. At the heart of it is a story about a guy, who comes to the aid of a damsel in distress (the heart of any true noir story) and ends up in something that drags him deeper in the criminal underworld. But wrapped around that is the aesthetic of a high school setting and characters we recognise; the bully, the untouchable socialite, the down and out kid that no one pays attention to. The fact that they are all speaking hardboiled detective just makes it even more cooler.

The atmosphere is as cold and lonely as any post WW2 setting, and the whole look of the film is great. If you’re still not convinced that this is a film worth seeing, check out the trailer and decide for yourself. Otherwise, pop down to your local DVD store and rent it for the weekend.


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