A new week, but not a short one

I just got 4 days off work, which means that this week isn’t looking overly pretty. However, I did actually write 2 of those 4 days, and am up to the point where I just have to finish off the last part of Trees Don’t Lie.

What to do after that, or what to do with the series isn’t something I have widely considered. Serial? Maybe. But I’m not sure that the story is simple enough for that. Maybe a series of novellas? Perhaps. All that matters is getting it finished. Probably today with luck.

I managed to catch the start of The Prisoner miniseries last night. I wasn’t overly compelled and sleep won out. General reviews have been mixed. I wasn’t convinced by what I saw. The original was a stroke of brilliance. In a nutshell, an agent is popped into an artificially created village where he is confused, tricked, and generally goaded into giving up the answer to the question “Why did you quit the agency?”.

It’s a great series, which emphasizes one mans fight against a system that tries to reduce him to a number. The miniseries just seemed a bit muddled.

In other news, tomorrow I am 35. It snuck up on me. I’ll be working my birthday, late night as well. There’s an endless rant on age and writing, but I won’t go into that right now.


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