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Robot autonomously folding a pile of 5 previously-unseen towels

I wouldn’t mind seeing that turn up on my search terms. It’s taken from a rather amusing video that I came across, which has (strangely enough) a robot, which has been trained to fold towels, after working out their corners and such.

The video features a rather chunky robot which was probably designed for its purpose rather than anything, focusing on little else than its large pile of laundry. I can imagine kids hanging off it, screaming, while the thing reports in a robotic voice ‘don’t bother mommy now, she’s folding washing …’. This thing works with a completely undistracted focus that looks almost deadly. Dinner on fire? Too bad. Towels to fold. Ooh, look. 5 more previously unseen towels. Where did those come from? Fold them.

There was a news report that I vaguely scanned about how robots would be (hopefully) in all homes in Korea soon, doing all the household chores. I’d like to see it navigate my little place.


3 thoughts on “Robot autonomously folding a pile of 5 previously-unseen towels

  1. I want to read a story, not about robots replacing maids and cleaners, and all the social and moral dilemmas it creates to do with unemployment and animosity towards robots; but about a man who falls deeply in love with his new robotic maid!

  2. Hah I could do that, but it might not be children friendly. Having said that, there’s a whole lot of genres that that idea could run!

    No, must continue hacking away at my Trees.

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