I am no ones grandfather, but you might think it

It’s entirely possible that this post is lost on pretty much every single one of my readers. I know that at least for me, I’m caught only on part of it. I was too young to really have caught Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album, but I certainly around at just the right time in computer history to know what 8-bit music sounds like.

Some hard working gentleman has put together an 8-bit remake of this most famous rock album, and named it MOON8.

For those of us too young to know what 8-bit music is, imagine that you have to make music where you can only make no more than three noises at the same time. Then make it worse. That’s how game music used to sound. It was a golden age where game music makers were highly celebrated, possibly because they had to make hardware jump through hoops to make something that sounded even vaguely like music.

I’ve heard crap loads of 8-bit music in my time, and don’t really know the Dark Side of the Moon album to know how well it sounds like the original. The one track I do know, Money, doesn’t sound bad. Having said that, I’ve heard better 8-bit music. The International Karate theme is one of them.

To perhaps dig myself in deeper, or maybe to make people wonder even more what the big deal is, 8-bit is somehow still incredibly popular. Here is an acapella live remake of the aforementioned theme, and an orchestral version. Only in Europe I think … and Japan. Some countries really do take game soundtracks very seriously.


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