Running on empty

In another heroic effort that I’m really not willing to put much stock in at this stage I managed to do another hour and half or so of writing. I remembered in the first sitting that I’d forgotten to charge the laptop, so by the end I was running close to empty. Come lunch break I thought aggressively to myself that no, I was going to drive my laptop to empty if it meant another 5 or so minutes writing. I got another good half hour or so.

So, Parts I, II, III are done on Trees Don’t Lie. Part IV starting tomorrow and, again, I know where part V ends. Not sure what I’ll do with it. I know that at least I’m going to finish it, look at it and see what to do with it. It may end up as free fiction here. I might not. I might continue, I might not. It takes my interest at the moment and for now, that’s all that matters.

While this new aggressive writing streak continues, I’ll ride it.


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