Vague update and an answer to your question

Time to time I get the strangest of search results, none that would make overly good Search Term Challenges (unless you wanted endless stories of ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ torn asunder by ‘werewolves’) but still questions that I can still answer. The answers will just come a little to late for those who came to this blog looking for them.

First, an update on writing, then the question.

Writing. Uh. Not to complain, because I managed to get through about 30 minutes of writing in my lunch break. I’m blaming the job for sucking all the creative life out of me, and the writing just felt like more work. Still, it’s writing done.

Will I stick with it? Probably, for lack of anything else. My mind just won’t focus at the moment long enough to sit on one project and just do it. So for a lack of anything else, I’ll write. Until I come up with another idea. Which I know I won’t.

Second, a question.

“Why did Twin Peaks get shut down?”

Actually, that’s removing a rather unfortunate spelling mistake, but question still understood and I shall attempt to answer the question as best I can. Short answer, possibly creative differences.

David Lynch was all about writing a cool series about a small town in America, and what happens behind closed doors. It’s his thing, after all. Season 1 was a decent hit, and come season 2, the studio execs wanted him to reveal who the killer was, rather than string everyone along.

But the shows not about the killer and the murder, it’s about the lives of the people in Twin Peaks, explains David Lynch. Rightfully so. He is still forced to do it anyway and promptly quits the show. This is part way through season 2. Hence how everything took a rather strange turn for the worse after the killer was revealed. And the rather implausable romances that eventuated.

Ratings stunk. They asked him to come back. David Lynch did, right at the end of season 2, wrapped things up fairly well and then put in a few great hooks in hope of getting a season 3. Never happened.

He also made the movie as well, which incidently was incredibly popular in Japan.

Season 3 never happened and a few years later (I think) David Lynch said he would never go back to Twin Peaks. Fair enough. I think it’s almost a product of its time. Incidently, if you’ve never seen anything of Twin Peaks and want the whole thing wrapped up in 2 hours, see the movie Fire Walk With Me, which serves both as a prequel and a remake of the main murder of the series. Rather good. And an entirely nasty watch as well.

That’s the answer as best I know it. Unfortunately too late for todays person who came hunting for it here. Maybe next time.

Now, back to getting ready for work, and back to preparing for the day, methinks.

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