500 letters from Silent Hill

Ok, so I haven’t been posting much lately, and there’s a number of reasons for that. Number one probably has to do with ongoing laziness, or perhaps I can excuse it as just too much hard work. I sometimes wonder how many broken internet connections I’ve fixed in my new career …

Another reason is the milestone of 500 posts. What do you do with the 500th post of a blog? I took a week thinking about it, and came up with the thought that I should just post something. So, here we go, and there you go, a pretty picture of the interior of a Fiat 500 for you to look at too.

Writing wise, I’ve been sinfully less than successful with my attempt to write every day. Having spoken with a few people, I’m starting to think that maybe work is sucking all the creativity out of me. I haven’t really written steadily since I started work in my current job. Still, excuses all, says the writer part of me. Plenty of other people can do it, so can you.

On other 500’s, the Mars 500 project is getting ready to do its full run to Mars and back. Here’s a story that recently came out about the mission. In short, it is an experiment that locks a bunch of astronauts into a test facility for 520 days, simulating the isolation that would come with a manned mission to Mars. I blogged about their last test run, which I found rather underwhelming, and somewhat disappointing in how low key it all was.

People just don’t get excited about space stuff like they aughta.

I’ll probably be watching what happens with the real experiment which is meant to be getting underway soon.

Meanwhile, I have to focus on something that seems almost as impossible as manned flights to Mars right now. Writing. Best to just knuckle down and do it somehow.


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