Dixon meets Delaney

What happens when you get together one of your own characters, and that of an entirely different authors? Who knows, but Cassie and I are trying it. My ex big city boy returns home to ruggedly rural NZ and meets at his favorite local diner with one of Cassie’s characters, Delaney.

I really have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s an interesting project all the same. The scene has been set, and now that both of our characters are sitting at the same table, we will continue to exchange paragraphs and let the scene play out.

Cassie remarked on her blog recently that the interesting part of it lies perhaps in the fact that we have no idea how the other character is going to react to the presence of our own. It’s a great way to work out ones own character though, and a fun exercise at that!

Dixon originally turned up in a failed project of mine, as the small town kid who moved to the Big Smoke, returning 10 years later to follow up on the disappearance of his father, said small towns only private detective. Even with only one chapter, he’s already got a huge history of problems that have come back to haunt him, let alone the problems with his dad.

I know him well enough, the big stoic lug, but it will be interesting to see how he deals with Delaney, someone who I’m not so sure shares the rough, rural upbringing of the characters Dixon has grown up with. Bring on the fun! Of course, the results may very well come out in some form eventually.


2 thoughts on “Dixon meets Delaney

  1. I’m really stunned by how much the whole PI thing Dixon has going on has played into the storyline that I’d been building for Delaney (or she’d been building for me…not sure which). It’s actually kind of scary.

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