Trees and serial fiction

I haven’t written yet, but I might still. Well, I will be pushing on regardless on Monday. I think I like the story enough that I’ll be exploring it further. Having said that, there is no plot. Just setting and ideas. Maybe it will work itself out. I’ve got the first few chapters sorted though.

I’m worrying about a lot of the things that the story has presented. Why has my small town NZ cop sounded like a sheriff in a small US town? Can my main character come off likable when he’s such a quiet lump. How do I solve the murder mystery when I haven’t got half a clue. And mostly, will it even make for compelling reading?

I’m writing regardless, even if I’m not writing on a Sunday.

In other news, the Search Term Word Challenge is coming close to the end of its voting. I’m eagerly awaiting the results and can’t really say too much else, given that I’m an author in the challenge. Oh, the comments that shall flow when Sunday comes … obviously not our Sunday. Sunday in the rest of the world.


2 thoughts on “Trees and serial fiction

  1. I think in cases like this you just have to let your pen take you where it will. Quiet lumps can still be interesting, as long as they are not passive lumps 🙂

    Sunday definitely not far away now!

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