The winners are in!

Crap, I lost. Well, no, that’s too harsh. I was aiming on knocking off Merrilee’s crown, and I didn’t get her. It it wasn’t for those pesky kids and their dog I woulda done it too. Well, next time. Mark my words, Merrilee!

Although I didn’t place in the Search Term Word Challenge (by the way, the results are out … hence my ranting) I got something perhaps better than that in the Merrilee Seal of Approval. Heh. Which is, in the end, good enough for me, I think.

I can reveal all now, and say that A Silly Tale of Little-To-No Consequence is the story that got me the Seal of Approval. Furthermore, A Subtle Profession was also my entry. That one was my primary entry, although A Silly Tale pretty much wrote itself in a matter of hours after some talk with Cassie, and I figured that it would do better given its light content.

Ruzkin came in first with an entry that I expected would win, if not place in the top three. Long Way Home was mentioned on my blog a few weeks back when it first appeared. As I’ve told him, it was the sort of story I expected to see published in a sci fi magazine rather than being the entry in a writing challenge. Top knotch as always.

Merrilee came in second, with The Last Brother, leaving the new court of the Challenge being King Ruzkin and at the very least, Princess Merrilee after her ignominious dethroning. I hear rumors that my Silly Tale came in fourth, and for the moment I’m happy with the role of Court Jester. Quietly plotting … planning … waiting. For the next Challenge.

Congrats to all the entries, and the winners. And thanks to Merrilee for the Seal!


2 thoughts on “The winners are in!

  1. I enjoyed your silly tale very much, and yes it did come in fourth! It seemed a lot of people enjoyed it’s whimsical tone since so many of the other entries were dark/disturbing.

    Thanks again for taking part in the competition, and I look forward to seeing your entry the next time we run it!

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