My names Tama, and I’m a recovering procrastinator

Hi, I’m Tama, and I’ve gone one day without procrastinating about writing. I’ve decided to take a rather hard line on my lack of activity when it comes to writing, kicking my own ass so to speak. And I’m back in action, at least today I was, knocking out a solid 2000 words or so.

Good work. Now I just have to write tomorrow and Sunday as well.

I haven’t been working on the sci fi idea, but a more possible long term solution to my lack of writing. Agents Provocateurs obviously was a good thing for me, giving me something to focus on and produce on the long term. I’ve not really been that adventurous this time around, working on a tentative 5 part sampler. I’m too burnt on failed past ideas to just toss it all in on one idea.

I’m vaguely excited about this idea, moreso than anything else I have been writing wise. It’s a blend of influences from Twin Peaks, to Silent Hill, to magic realism and noir. It’s also a mix of a few ideas that didn’t entirely take flight, but together, I think I should be able to make something interesting. Given the influences, I’m sure most would agree it’s probably right up my alley.

You might well see in a month or so, if I decide to launch the results for public consumption.

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