I keep a closely eye on my blogs stats most days, even if I don’t post. And because of the way the stats pages are laid out, I can look curiously at what people are coming to my blog looking for.

One of those search terms is part of the reason for this post. The rest of the reason is that it’s supporting local music. A good endeavour at any rate.

Pakkz Tha General as you might guess from the pic is a West Auckland rapper, one who I have mentioned on this blog before and is probably due another mention now especially given he’s dropping another mixtape. All the information on that can be found at his MySpace page.

Local rappers like Pakkz remind me of the writing path as well. He is no doubt a damn hard working artist, and I see the proof of that work in his social media all the time. He’s a hideously passionate and driven mcee, one that deserves a whole lotta support just on that alone.

That and you gotta love local music. The hip hop side of things might have died down a lot lately, but there are still hard working gems out there like Pakkz.


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