Get you some good stuff!

Right now the entries on the Search Term Word Challenge are continuing to play out. We’re over half way I think. If you haven’t, head on over to ErgoFiction to get you some that good, free stuff.

Certainly, today’s entry Long Way Home bares some pointing out. It grabbed me with the same haunting intensity as an anime I watched a few years back. Long Way Home is the story of an engineer, writing letters to his mother from the planet he’s assigned to patrol.

In Voices of a Distant Star, two childhood friends exchange messages that take longer and longer to reach each other as one of them travels to an alien world as part of an attack force. The two stories share communication at its core and the same foreboding tone of not quite knowing what’s really going on until its too late.

Check them both out. The short story is the easy one, naturally. The anime is about 40 minutes long, and released in the West. Made by a husband and wife on the husbands Mac. He’s since gone on to release two more anime, both dealing with the same sort of themes.

Meanwhile my own writing is about alien worlds and isolation, and putting on at at a rather slow rate, but at least it continues. If anything, I think we as writers need to give ourselves permission for a lot of stuff. The first, writing shitty first drafts (that one I allowed myself a long time back). The second, writing small amounts, as long as we’re writing (this one I’m just starting to realise). These things take time.

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