Vanilla update

Nothing particularly exciting about this particular post. I have started writing on my new project, although didn’t today because of distractions, and tomorrow because of lunch appointments, but I’m not discouraged. I think the story has started well enough, and it will be a fun thing to explore, at least for the short term. Pondering releasing it part by part online here, but not entirely sure of that.

The Search Term Word Challenge entries have started going up, one by one. Tomorrow will see story number three, in what I believe is rumored to be about 14 entries. Going day by day means we’re going to be in for a good two weeks or so of free fiction! And I can’t really comment much further than that, other than to say go read em!

And, I finished Mass Effect 2. Drats. Rumor was right, it really is the Empire Strikes Back of the Mass Effect series, for more reason than it’s the second of the series. I guess I now have to join the ranks of frothing fanboys waiting for number 3.

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