Space, the final frontier

I didn’t get to write today for the weak reason that my laptop didn’t have the charge. It’s currently plugged in and charging so there won’t be any excuses tomorrow. Unless of course, I get interrupted at which point I’ll have to hide in a harder to find place.

Currently, my idea for what to work on now is a possible serial. Although having said that, I’m not sure how much mileage I can get out of the idea. It follows a solitary character as he recovers from a devastating crash that leaves most of his starship dead.

Something that I find beautiful about space in general is the apparent isolation. Curious vistas and vast, silent spaces.

In this setting, I’ve given mankind the ability to be pretty much anywhere in the galaxy they want to be in almost an instant. That goes easily with the sense of silent and isolation I want on convey with the setting and idea. Given that the place it is set is also isolated in the fact he’s the only one left alive (at least he thinks so) it will be an interesting attempt I think. Can I tell a compelling story where there’s little to no dialogue?

The idea itself is almost sickeningly cliched in space stories. Fact is, I haven’t written anything like that, and sometimes you just have to write an idea to see how you’d do it.

Maybe I might release it as a serial. Maybe I won’t. I’ll see how it writes and reads. Until then, Clay, lets see how long you last on an alien world, all by yourself.

5 thoughts on “Space, the final frontier

  1. I know there is a major war in the setting, which is making me wonder a lot of things. Like if mankind doesn’t need to scrap over resources, what would they fight about? I found the answer pretty quickly … not sure that it will come up in the story though.

  2. haha there is always something to fight about right? gosh we’re such an idiotic race at times.
    Looking forward to seeing how this goes!

  3. a story with little dialogue?
    I only know of a Russian sci-fi short story that does that, its called ‘A Silver Birch and a Fox’, in which 3 astronauts are stranded on a planet where to speak means instant death

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